WHY are things how they are?
WHATIF they were different…

These questions direct the WHYWHATIF creative process and approach to projects. It is important to think not just outside the box, but consider whether the box can be reshaped.

Jeff has worked on projects with clients in varied industries and of various stature including startups, creative agencies, boutique design agencies, marketing companies, as well as his own clients who have included artists, museums, furniture companies, fashion designers, fashion stylists and jewelry designers.

Jeff loves new challenges and addresses them accordingly, whether working on his own or in a team. No project is too big, as he is able to call on a collection of experienced collaborators to add value to all of his projects. To know more about his point of view, work process, and new ways he can help you, please email to set up an appointment.


Get in touch  //  jeff@whywhatif.com

Branding, Design, and Art Direction Services
Visual identity systems and logotype
Brand strategy and development
Corporate and brand name
Naming systems
Web and digital design
Printed material design
Visual Art Direction
Photoshoot Art Direction
Social Media Design and Animation
Broadcast concept
Slogans and tag lines
Brand applications
Marketing materials
Peripherals and signage
Package design
Project and product pitches